Updates(April 20,2017)

  1. A new selection tool ,SameDirFaces,was added,which can select faces that has same normal as selected face

  2. RoadlineSys:Road Width parameter can be got after creating road lines. The width of road shoulder can be adjusted One way road lines can be chosen , median width can be adjusted. Fixed a bug that make road lines creating failing at top level of sub-objects.

  3. ClearDupShps,fixed a bug that duplicated splines can’t be cleared.

  4. MoveOnDir can work normally.

  5. AdvArray: The mid-points of ring edges can be used as path to array objects.

  6. CapEdges:Before,the new polygon can’t be created if endpoints of border share on same edge,but now can.

  7. MoveVerts:Supplied an option to ignore border vertices when moving vertices.

  8. Web license type :fixed a bug that can cause TerrainAxe disable when another new 3dsmax window is opened.