1. Errors of the previous update have been fixed

    February 23,2020

  2. Important Updates

    May 31,2019

  3. Improvement of RingEgs ,PiecePoly and SmoothRoad tools

    November 13,2018

  4. Many Updates Comes

    July 14,2018

  5. Support for 3dsmax 2019 and more stable access

    May 07,2018

  6. Traffic-flow lines added in RoadlineSys

    April 22,2018

  7. Updates

    January 30,2018

  8. A big change in PiecePoly

    July 22,2017

  9. Updates

    April 22,2017

  10. A Very Important Update

    October 30,2016

  11. Setup License Server for TerrainAxe

    October 12,2016

  12. Improved Stitch tools for Editable poly

    September 23,2016

  13. Updates

    August 23,2016

  14. Three tools was published.

    May 05,2016

November 13,2018

Improvement of RingEgs ,PiecePoly and SmoothRoad tools

  1. RingEgs: Cancel the dialog,user can execute directly the command after select end edges,not need to store them


  2. PiecePoly:Introduced a new piece mode,which can get better result ,even enough there are many duplicated lines. Now ,the two piece mode:"3dsmax"and "lifu".

    New Piece Mode

  3. SmoothRoad:Now ring edges can be used directly to smooth road,not only with border or faces.


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