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  1. SelectBorder
  2. RingEgs
  3. FcsToRingEgs
  4. Findborder
  5. Nextegs
  6. CoverFcs
  7. VertsToEgs
  8. InnerEgs
  9. InnerVerts
  10. FacesByID
  11. AdjFcsByID
  12. SameDirFaces
  13. GetQuadFaces
  14. RoadSides
  1. StitchPoly
  2. QuickStitch
  3. PiecePoly
  4. SweepEdge
  5. PlaceMesh
  6. PCloudToMesh
  7. AppendPoly
  8. LoftSplines
  9. FreePoly
  10. ShapeEdge
  11. DragPoly
  12. CapEdges
  13. FreeStair
  14. IrregularStair
  15. FacesToStair
  16. CrossRoads
  17. CapStairSides
  1. MoveVerts
  2. SmoothRoad
  3. SMRoad(Linear)
  4. SMRoad(NPts)
  5. SMRoad(Blur)
  6. SMRoad(Curve)
  7. SMRoad(Diff)
  8. Weld1VertToEg
  9. Weld2VertsToEg
  10. SuperWeld
  11. WeldVerts&Egs
  12. XWeld
  13. ProjToFace
  14. ConformToRoad
  15. RoundVerts
  16. RoundVts(3P)
  17. RoundVts(Rad)
  18. RoundVts(TT)
  19. BBoxToTerrain
  20. ExtendVerts
  21. ZAlignFace
  22. ZAlign3P
  23. SlopePlanar
  1. ConnectVerts
  2. StitchVerts
  3. Cut2Egs
  4. Cut2Verts
  5. CutByAgl
  6. CutBydir
  7. CutPerToEdge
  8. InsertX
  9. EvenConnect
  10. Slice
  11. ClearJags
  12. SliceByEdges
  13. SliceByLines
  14. SliceByFcs
  15. SliceXY
  16. SliceByGrid
  17. SliceBy3P
  18. Extend
  19. Trianglate(Faces)
  20. EncloseVerts
  21. AdvConnectVts
  1. MoveOnDir
  2. SnapToP
  3. SnapZ
  4. ZMove
  5. AdvClearMidVts
  6. ClearMidVerts
  7. Flatten Edges
  8. RightAgl
  9. ClearChaosEgs
  10. IDSet
  11. Check_NarrowFcs
  12. ClearDarkVerts
  1. IDByElm
  2. IDByFace
  3. PaveCourts
  4. RingMap
  5. RoadPaver
  6. PaveNoTear
  7. PaveWall
  8. Advanced UV Tools
  1. RoadlineSys
  2. AdvArray
  3. Collapse
  4. UCS
  1. BlackWire
  2. DelEmptyObj
  3. DwgImport
  4. SubdivSpls
  5. Explode
  6. MoveObjs
  7. RefRotate
  8. FlatShps
  9. FreeSpline
  10. CCWShp
  11. DropToTerrain
  12. DropToTerrZN
  13. Copy
  14. Paste
  15. PivotCenBot
  16. ClearSel
  17. PickPivot
  18. ConnectKnots
  19. LockTransform
  20. ResetFile
  21. ResetXform
  1. AbsorbMat
  2. ArrangeMats
  3. SimpleTerrMat
  4. MtlNeaten
  5. UvwCamera
  6. Vrcam
  1. AxeSetting
  2. Clean Layers
  3. Simple Display
  4. UIMan
  5. On/Off TheAxe
  6. SegsVsArc


Tools to create polygon .


Stitch open edges by creating new faces between them.this tool works on polygon object and is ofen used to patch the gap between roads and terrain.



QuickStitch works on a single poly object in the same way as StitchPoly.
Select one or more borders ,QuickStich will created polygon faces between edges of selected borders.



Splines interlaced with each other can form many closed areas,the process extracting these areas as poly faces is called PiecePoly. With PiecePoly,you no longer need to draw closed splines again and again just for getting polygon faces seamlessly pieced together.



With SweepEdge ,you can use a border(made up with edges that has 1 face) as an underlying path along which to extrude a cross-section .Paths can also contain splines or NURBS curves.The initial main purpose of SweepEdges is to create big amount of curbstones and sideways,then it was added many new features. Because it is designed for terrain modeling ,so the cross-section will always be up-right to avoid getting a twist result.

The main features of SweepEdge as below:

  1. Create big amount of curbstones and sideways;

  2. Create new faces by offset a border;

  3. Create Stairs along mulitiple paths;

  4. Sweep with your own cross-Section,which can be stored for later use.


Embed one or more polygon surfaces(such as road or a flat area,must be single side object) into another surface.

Merge a golf course into a terrain


  1. Read 3D Points from a text file to create a terrain mesh.

  2. In this text file ,each point coordinate should be stored in a single line, and each component (x,y,z)is separated by "," or a blank. The typical format such as "1,419.05,-45.945,288.424",first value is index,followed by x,y and z coordinate.

  3. PCloudToMesh
    For easily getting such a text file,TerrainAxe also provide a autolisp program,with which,you can export selected elevation points into a text file.


Take a part of border of polygon object and a spline as another border to create a new polygon face.



Create new polygon faces by connectting parallel splines



Pick points to draw a polygon . If a polygon object already has been selected ,the new created face will belong to it.If sub-object level is set to edge,drawing will begin with the selected open edges (a part of border) if they have.



Similar to FreePoly,but ShapeEdge change one edge's shape,not create a new polygon face.




Drag a border or a part of it to create new polygon faces



CapEdges works like cap hole,but it also can cap a part of one border,not the entire border.


Use two points as start edges ,or two additional points as end edges to create a stair.
The required points can be from selected vertices,an Edges,or a face, and also can be snapped points.Also,you can create multi-stage stair, which mean there will a platform every specified number of steps.

Create a 2 or 4 Points Stair



Create Irregular Stairs.Include two work ways:

  1. Create stair with style lines. Its can be splines or inner edges of selected faces of a polygon object

  2. Pave steps along a curve path.

Create Stair with split polygons


Turn quad faces into stairs.
FreeStair is not good enough if you have too many stairs to make, You can draw quad faces to express many stairs then use the tool to turn them into stairs.



Create crossroads with overlapped faces of two roads.Radius of every corners can be changed.



Not Yet Ready