Recent Updates

  1. Errors of the previous update have been fixed(February 23,2020)
  2. Important Updates (May 31,2019)
  3. Improvement of RingEgs ,PiecePoly and SmoothRoad tools(November 13,2018)
  4. Many Updates Comes(July 14,2018)
  5. Support for 3dsmax 2019 and more stable access(May 07,2018)
  6. Traffic-flow lines added in RoadlineSys(April 22,2018)
  7. Updates(January 30,2018)
  8. A big change in PiecePoly (July 22,2017)
  9. Updates(April 22,2017)
  10. A Very Important Update(October 30,2016)
  11. Setup License Server for TerrainAxe(October 12,2016)
  12. Improved Stitch tools for Editable poly(September 23,2016)
  13. Updates(August 23,2016)
  14. Three tools was published.(May 05,2016)

Many Updates Comes(July 14,2018)

  1. Allow user right-click on a button to make presetting.For example,if you just want to smooth single side , right click on "SMRoad(linear)",uncheck "Flat Other" .


  2. Smooth Road tools can smooth more than one road and work on face selection.


  3. SMRoad(diff) ,a quick smooth tool, is introduced to smooth each border individually.

  4. AutoCAD quick import:Ctrl+C to copy objects in AutoCAD,then run "ImportDwg" to paste into 3dsmax

  5. Tow parameters are introcuded for "PleaseMesh",one is for refined long edge,other is used to relax the blend faces.

    Refine and Relax

  6. Rebuild border function is add to "Slice".


  7. "SmplTerrMat",a simple terrain material tool ,is added to TerrainAxe.

  8. An important UV mapping tool,RingMap,is introduced.