TerrainAxe 6.0,64bit 3dsmax 2015-2024,64bit win10-win11

Optional Tools



TerrainAxe Basic

Basic Edition

The edition contains the lowest configuration to complete a terrain modeling. Enough for Projects of moderate difficulty

But still a bit time-consuming.suitble for users who seldom have projects




$91.80 (3 years)


TerrainAxe Std

Std Edition

Many tools for enhancing efficiency have been added to this edition.

  1. All features in Basic Edition
  2. SMRoad(Blur)
  3. SMRoadByLines
  4. FacesToStair
  5. IrregularStair
  6. LoftSplines
  7. CrossRoads
  8. StitchPoly
  9. Trianglate(Faces)
  10. Trianglate(Verts)
  11. PCloudToMesh
  12. CurveFitting
Suitble for users who are more detail-oriented and offten feel overwhelmed by many projects




$178.50 (3 years)


TerrainAxe Pro

Pro Edition

This edition contains the tools suitable for large number of operations

  1. All features in Standard Edition
  2. RoadPaver
  3. PaveNoTear
  4. PaveWall
  5. PiecePoly
  6. PlaceMesh
If you often get many more terrain modeling projects and run into a big amount of operations,or you want to have more fun,this edition is a good choice.




$229.50 (3 years)

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