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The basic version of TerrainAxe is same as the commercial version ,but some features are disabled.
With the version:

Total 50 times for trial.

Update Date : January 01,1970

File Size : 19.597M

Below features in the basic version is disabled :

  1. SuperWeld

  2. RoundVerts(3P,TT,Rad)

  3. PiecePoly

  4. IrregularStair,FacesToStair

  5. CrossRoads

  6. PlaceMesh,PCloudToMesh

  7. StitchVerts

  8. PaveUV,PaveWall,PaveNoTear

  1. AdvArray

  2. RoadlineSys

  3. loftSplines

  4. SubDivSpls

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Update Date : May 10,2023

File Size : 24.927M

Update Date : December 30,2020

File Size : 11.134M

TerrainAxe Server use a Host PC to manage multiple PCs that are runing TerrainAxe in same local network.In the situation,you simply active your License Server rather than TerrainAxe on every PC.
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