Demo Reel

Recent Updates

February 23,2020

Errors of the previous update have been fixed

  1. After executing "Subdivide spl", each knot will be set to the "corner type" ,and the steps won't be set to 0 any more

  2. Solved a problem of "ClearTinySegs" that occurs when using it to process closed splines

  3. Fix errors caused by vray proxy objects when using "delEmptyObj" to delete empty objects

  4. Tow spacing type for AdvArray:Real distance and curve distance and fixed many little bugs

  5. CrossRoad:Fixed a bug caused by bigger degrees

  6. Slice:Fixed many parameter bugs,such as "Max distance"

  7. Smooth Road tools:Simplize operations and make them more easier to understand


May 31,2019

Important Updates

  1. In right-click popped dialog,click "?" button to open the help document of the current tool.

  2. CrossRoads:An important update.Crossroad will be created directly as part of the original road object without further attaching. The fillet radius can be automately change with the angle between roads and the Arcs will be restricted by far end vertices and can't beyond them.

  3. SweepEdge:In custom tab,pressing "Pick Section" button allow you to pick directly a spline in scene as section and right-clicking it will pop up the section library.

  4. AdvArray:Same as "SweepEdge",you can directly pick a spline as section to sweep.


November 13,2018

Improvement of RingEgs ,PiecePoly and SmoothRoad tools