Demo Reel

Recent Updates

In this update , you can:
  1. 0:Create a median strip in the middle of the Road
  2. 1:Save your own landmark into the libray and use it later
  3. 2:Use lane count to create lane lines instead of using lane width parameter.
  4. 3:Save the parameters as a preset file so that you can apply it again.
  5. 4:In the next version,you will be able to create traffic lines for multiple roads,that means ,you can batch process traffic lines creating.

  • Fixes an issue with   subdividing splines that create too many vertices 
  • Fixes a bug  that causes  polysitch,quickStitch and  placemesh stop working when dealing with vertices fewer than 100.
  • Add a missing arrow of Straight + Right for TrafficlineSys.

Add a new SMRoad tools,SMRoad(Splines),which uses splines to control how to  smooth multipule roads,these splines can be added or removed knots

  1. Fixes a problem that the post can't be oriented correctly
  2. Add a button to store the post object for reusing it
    Add a Splince function .
    Add a [Follow] checkbox,when it is set to true,X axis of cloned post will point to the position of next post.

Advanced UV Tools: Fixed several small errors

  1. Add [Patch] option,when set it to ture,the adjcent faces will be UV Mapped
    Add [Alignment] list,which can set how the texture aligns the road