What is TerrainAxe?

TerrainAxe is a powerful toolkits really used to create accurately terrain landscape .With it ,you can easily make roads on terrain ,hacke clearings from terrain, build flyovers and bridges,place stairs and pavements.

TerrainAxe can greatly shorten your modeling time,optimize your models and get reasonable,graceful topology.

Tools of TerrainAxe are fall into several categories:

  1. Selection tools:quick selection tools for vertices ,edges and face,such as select a part of border by two vertices.

  2. creating tools:Fast model creation tools ,such as curb ,runline,stair,handrials,pavements pieces

  3. construct tools :Change construct of objects ,such as smooth road,round vertices, weld vertices to edges, stitch borders.

  4. cutting tools: Do cutting job to get reasonable topology lines,such as grid-cutting polygons,connect two group of vertices,

  5. scenes tools :Such as creating runlines ,use AdvArray to create handrails,piers,trees,street lamps.

  6. common tools:some common tools ,such as copy and paste objects, import dwg file,

  7. Material and rendering related tools: tools for manage materials

  8. UV tools:UVW mapping tools , typical such as UVW mapping for complex curve road