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LifuBar and QuickMenu for TerrainAxe

Introduce how to use new toolbar(LifuBar) and quick menu for TerrainAxe. The new toolbar andthe quick menu are both the new features of TerrainAxe.

flyover-part 2

In this part video,you can learn: to set levels for roads and smooth them to get an natural appearance to quickly make ground

Flyover tutorial-part 1

This part shows how to control the distribution of vertices and topologize roads with cut tools. Tip:Use 'SegsVsArc' to get a balance between details and the number of vertices

Dig golf bunkers|Golf course modeling tutorial in 3dsm

Use TerrainAxe for 3dsmax to dig a golf bunker Tools used include: MoveVerts,CoverFcs, PlaceMesh,Slice.

Basic operations in TerrainAxe

Make a slope protection for a expressway

Terrain landscape modeling04-Make stairs and patch grass sod.

Terrain landscape modeling03-Blend Roads and pavements with the terrain

3rd Part,Main tools: FreePoly, Slice ,PlaceMesh

Terrain landscape modeling02

2nd part:Make pavements and weld them to the road.

Terrain landscape modeling01

1st part:Create a terrain model and make and smooth roads

Updates for Smooth Road

TerrainAxe DemoReel 2017|Model on Terrain in 3dsmax

TerrainAxe is an amazing plugin for 3dsmax to model on terrain ,it uses an unique and efficent way to quickly create landscape or architecture elements ,such as roads, bridges ,slopes , open spaces.

Prepare For Topologizing road

1.Set System Units to Meter,Move model to close origin point 2.Set Display Drivers to Legacy Direct3D

Topologize Road

Use CutByAgl , ConnectVerts,CutPerToEdge,CutByDir,Cut2Egs to Topolygize Road

Modeling Road on terrain tutorial part01------Topologize Road

Modeling Road on Terrain tutorial part02 ---smooth road and conform it to terrain

Modeling Road on Terrain tutorial part03----connect road to terrain

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