Installed the demo but cannot make it work.

TutorialsInstalled the demo but cannot make it work.
nirsul Staff asked 8 years ago

I have installed the DEMO but no matter whihc command I am trying to rubn - I can not get any thing to work. I tried setting the system unit to METERS (Although I used Centimeters) - still nothing seems to work.
Is ther any manual in English ?
I really do want this plugin to work as it has so many great features.

1 Answers
flyingcflyingc Staff answered 8 years ago

Hi ,Is TerrainAxe panel  appeared in the bottom of your 3dsmax window?Are you check if the theme of your windows is set to classic? it will cause the buttons can't be click.and Current communicate way is too slow ,so it will be better if  you can  receive remote assistance,through  QQ or teamviewer,so that I can find what happend.QQ can be downloaded from here:

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