Install TerrainAxe

System requirements

  1. Required 3ds max version:64 bit 3ds Max 9 ~2022,sp2 required for 3ds max 9 and 2012;

  2. Operating System:64 bit windows 7~windows 10;

  3. Browser:The same version of Microsoft® Internet Explorer® web browser as 3ds max required.


DON’T COPY the installation package into the root folder of 3dsmax or SYSTEM driver,you should place it in another individual place.

  1. Drag and Drop in the setup package directory into 3ds max, UIMan will auto run(Or click menu MaxScript->run script to choose the file ).

    UI Mannager

  2. In UIMan, press “TheAxePath” button ,choose “AxeRoot” directory of installation package ,then click “Install”, TerrainAxe panel will appear in the bottom of 3dsmax .

  3. Set hotkeys: Select “Customize->Customize user interface” from 3dsmax menu,in popped dialog switch tab to “Keyboard” ,choose “TheAxeTools” in Category to display tools list,then set keys for them.


To run TerrainAxe,Both the Official and trial versions need to be activated .Before activation, you need to first register an account in official users,the email used to register must be that you used to buy TerrainAxe.

  1. Set “License Type” to “Web” for the official version ,to “trial” for the trial version

  2. Click “Active” button in UIMan, enter your email and password of your new registered account. For official users,The you also need to enter the product code that is provided after purchasing. Complete fields and click “Activate'”.If activation is completed without errors “Activation completed,please close the dialog!” will be shown, close the activation window.

    Activate Trial version

    Activate official Version

If encounter errors on installing,please check options below:

  1. For 3ds max 9 and 2012,you need install sp2 .

  2. Don’t place TerrainAxe at a network location.

  3. If can’t click buttons on TerrainAxe UI,please change current theme of windows 7 to classic theme.

Install a license server program for TerrainAxe