What is TerrainAxe?

TerrainAxe is a landscape 3D modeling toolkits for 3ds max ,which was writed with MaxScript and mainly contains a lot of polygon tools and some other common functions.

TerrainAxe is one of a kind,which can save you a big amount of time ,optimize your 3D models and construct excellent topology , free you from heavy work so that you can focus on your design.

You can use TerrainAxe freely in various areas of 3d modeling work such as animation, virtual reality and game, enjoy dripping fun feeling.It is known to all that landscape modeling is extreme difficult ,more than curved surface and creature modeling.Belive these tools will be a head turning help for those strick modelers who pay high attention to details.After watching these videos ,it will surely make you find everything in TerrainAxe new and fresh!

Recent Updates

  1. A big change in PiecePoly (April 22,2018)
  2. Updates(April 22,2017)
  3. A Very Important Update(October 30,2016)
  4. Setup License Server for TerrainAxe(October 12,2016)
  5. Improved Stitch tools for Editable poly(September 23,2016)
  6. Updates(August 23,2016)
  7. Three tools was published.(May 05,2016)

A big change in PiecePoly (April 22,2018)

There is a big change in PiecePoly ,a new algorithm shorten greatly creating time.In test ,with the same scene, it takes around 32 seconds to complete piecing in previous version,but only need 5 ~6 seconds in the new version.And the parameters were decreased , this make UI more clear and easier to understand. For more details ,please refer to the page: