Demo Reel


Basic Tutorial---Make a road on terrain.


Why topologize model?There are  three main reasons.

  • Sufficient topology lines can insure roads  be deformed correctly.
  • UVW Mapping need sufficient vertices and edges.
  • Watching a scene more fluently...

Recent Updates

Improvement of RingEgs ,PiecePoly and SmoothRoad tools(November 13,2018)

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Many Updates Comes(July 14,2018)

The updates include:
  1. Allow user right-click on a button to make presetting.For example,if you just want to smooth single side , right click on "SMRoad(linear)",uncheck "Flat Other" .


  2. Smooth Road tools can smooth more than one road and work on face selection.

  3. SMRoad(diff) ,a quick smooth tool, is introduced to smooth each border individually.

  4. AutoCAD quick import:Ctrl+C to copy objects in AutoCAD,then run "ImportDwg" to paste into 3dsmax

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Support for 3dsmax 2019 and more stable access(May 07,2018)

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