Download TerrainAxe Basic

Current version: 4.0;
Update date:September 6, 2017;
Windows Version:64 bit of Win7~Win10;
Required 3dsmax version:64 bit of 3dsmax 2012 with sp2~3dsmax 2018

The basic version of TerrainAxe is completely new trial version,which is same as commercial version except disable some features.
With the version:

  1. You need to register an account in the site ,which will be used to active the Basic version.

  2. Total 50 times for trial.

  3. Below features for the basic version is temporarily unavaliable :

  1. SuperWeld

  2. RoundVerts(3P),RoundVerts(TT),RoundVerts(Rad)

  3. PiecePoly

  4. IrregularStair

  5. FacesToStair

  6. CrossRoads

  7. PlaceMesh

  8. PCloudToMesh

  1. StitchVerts

  2. PaveUV,PaveWall,PaveNoTear

  3. AddArray

  4. RoadlineSys

  5. SubDivSpls


  1. Drag and Drop in the setup package directory into 3ds max, UIMan will auto run(Or click menu MaxScript->run script to choose the file ).

  2. In UIMan, press TheAxePath button ,point to “AxeRoot” directory of installation package in opened explorer window,then click [Install].

  3. TerrainAxe panel will appear in the bottom of 3dsmax .

  4. If you like docking TerrainAxe panel to left,choose vertical in DockMode and click install button again.

In order to activate the trial version, you need to register first an account in

  1. Insure License Type is set to Trial in UIMan.

  2. Click Active button in UIMan, enter your email and password of your newly registered account, check I will going to, complete fields and click [Active].If activation is completed without errors “Active completed,please close the dialog” will be shown, close the activation window.

Download License Server

TerrainAxe Server use a Host PC to manage multiple PCs that are runing TerrainAxe in same local network.In the situation,you simply active your License Server rather than TerrainAxe on every PC.
For more information ,click here