Basic Tutorial---Make a road on the terrain.

Download Max file 

  1. Topologize

    Why topologize model?There are  three main reasons.

      • Sufficient topology lines can insure roads  be deformed correctly.
      • UVW Mapping need sufficient vertices and edges.
      • Watching a scene more fluently ,help to improve rendering speed.

    The road in this file is an editable polygon converted from a spline shape ,the layout of vertices is not regular because original dwg file is not good,so CutByAgl is used a lot to cut road.If the number of vertices on bothside of road is same ,ConnectVerts is better.

    Lay out topology lines for road
  2. Smooth Road

    In the Step,MoveVerts is used to conform  the road to the terrain because of lacking level data,then  SMRoad tools  to smooth road ,at last conform faces covered by road to it.In the basic  version ,SmoothRoad (which has a user interface) can be substitute for SMRoad tools,you can watch last video to see how to use it.

    Smooth Road and conform it to terrain
  3. Connect the road to terrain

    In this Step, the road is attached to terrain,the holes are capped ,then StitchVerts is used to topologize new polygon.StitchVerts is unavailable in Lite version ,you can use AdvConnectVerts to substitute for it.

    Connect Road to Terrain

If you are using  basic version of TerrainAxe,you can watch the below video to complete tutorial.

Make road with TerrainAxe Basic

Download max file