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Latest Version:5.0

OS Requirement:64位 Windows7-Windows10
Covered 3dsmax Versions:64Bit 3ds max 9~3ds max 2022,and 3dsmax 9,2012 need their own SP2
Registration Method:Web Registration

Renewal discount:40%

Introduce to Web Registration:
To activate your TerrainAxe,you need use your email to register an account,offical users will get a product code,use it and your password and email together to activate TerrainAxe.You need to keep online to keep TerrainAxe running.If you want to use TerrainAxe on another PC,you just activate it in the new PC in the same way.

Buy>TerrainAxe Basic

75$ / Year

Renewal discount:40%

If you have few terrain projects, the edition is enough to complete general projects,but will cost you a bit more time

Included Main features :

  1. Poly select tools

  2. SweepEdge

  3. FreeSteps

  4. MoveVerts

  5. Cutting tools

  6. SmoothRoad

  7. RoundVerts

  8. Weld tools between vertices and Edge

  9. RemoveMidVerts

  10. UCS

  11. Other Common tools

Buy>TerrainAxe Standard

121$ / Year

Renewal discount:40%

On the basis of the Basic Edition,more tools were added to this Edition to get better efficiency,they are mainly used to solve some general diffculties,such as CrossRoad, StitchPoly, may become your favorite tools.

If you offten get many projects and feel stressed,and the job need more details,you can chose this edition.

Added Features:
  1. Quick Smooth Road tools

  2. Auto Round Verts tools

  3. SuperWeld

  4. WeldVerts&Edges

  5. FacesToSteps

  6. Irregular Steps

  7. LoftSplines

  8. CrossRoad

  9. PolyStich, StitchVerts

  10. PointCloudToMesh

Buy>TerrainAxe Professional

153$ / Year

Renewal discount:40%

Apart from the features in the Standard Edition,the Pro Edition contains several important tools, mostly for large numbers of operations

Advanced UV Tools

"RoadPaver" ,used to deal with a big amount of UV Mapping for roads ,"PaveNoTear" can keep textures undisorted when paving UV vertices,and "PaveWall" can pave UV vertices for countinouse walls at once


Extract closed regions from interlaced splines to create polygons ,such as gound patterns from CAD lines


Embed polygon surfaces into a terrain surface,for example,place a bunker, roads or a lake surface into the rogged terrain.

If you often get plenty of terrain projects and run into a big amount of operations,or you would like to have more fun,this version is a good choice.

Buy>TerrainAxe Optional

9$/YearAdvArray:Equidistant array tool,this mean that the distances between ajdcent objects are equal,this distance is not the length along a curve path.
6$/YearTrafficLineSys:Create traffic index lines ,include Traffic lane lines,zebra lines,and guide arrows ,even on rugged roads.

NOTE THAT:These two tools are NOT SINGLE PLUGINS ,you can select them from the shopping cart.

Buy>Renew and Upgrade

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2 licenses – 5% discount per license
3 to 4 licenses – 15% discount per license
5 to 9 licenses – 25% discount per license
10 to 19 licenses – 40% discount per license
20 or more licenses – Contact us for more information