Quickly create stairs for landscape,whose work way is very simple and free,you can just snap 2 or 4 points to easily create a stair,or turn selected quad polygons to stairs with preference settings .


Use two points as start edges ,or two additional points as end edges to create stair.The points can be from selected vertices or points snapped with mouse.Also,you can create multi-stage free stair which mean there will a platform every specified number of steps.



Obviously,FreeStair is not enough if you have too many stairs ,such as hundreds of stairs to build,you can first build stairs to quad-like polygons,which mean the number edges can be bigger than 4,then use the powerful tool to turn them to stairs one time.




1.Create stair with style lines which can be splines or inner edges of selected faces of polygon 2.Pave steps along a curve path.

Create Stair by parallel splines

Create Stair by split polygons

Pave stair along a curve