Installing License Server for TerrainAxe

  1. In lastest version of TerrainAxe ,a license type "Network" has been added.
  2. The license type need to install license server program in one PC as host,all PCs within allowed number can run TerrainAxe.It is no nessaray to active TerrainAxe for every PC

Install license server on host

  1. Inatalliation is very simple,extract "TerrainAxeServer.rar" file in a directory,run inside TerrainAxeServer.exe ,the UI shown below:
  2. TerrainAxeServer

  3. Click button Active TerrainAxe,a dialog popped,as shown in the below picture.


    Above Request text editor is request code, send the code to author to get license text ,enter it into the below text editor.Paste Lic button can paste directly the content of clipboarder to the text editor.
  4. Click Active TerrainAxe ,license text will be writen in a lic file in the program folder,"License file was read successfully" will display in below text window.
  5. TerrainAxeServer02

  6. Close "Active TerrainAxe" window,an user list will shown in right list box,All items are shown as "Waitting",which indicate that the program is waitting for clicents to connect.The list in the pic contain 50 items which indicate 50 PCs can run TerrainAxe.


Installation in client PC

No need to install client program, which will run with TerrainAxe.Remember set License Type to Network and keep TerrainAxe Server running.

  1. A client program "TerrainAxeClient.exe" will begin running when start TerrainAxe, the UI shown as below picture.
  2. TerrainAxeClient01

  3. ServerIP is host IP,that is the IP address of PC that install License Server.Enter the IP,the format like "";
  4. TerrainAxeClient02

  5. Click ServerIP button,the IP will be written in to registry,thus you don't need to enter the IP next time.
  6. Click Connect,the message as shown in below picture indicate connecting is successful.At same time the PC's IP and host name will appear in list box on host.
  7. successful connecting

    Client is appear in host side

  8. Run UIMan in 3dsmax,click install, it indicate activation is successful that a message as shown in below picture is shown in MAXScript listener.
  9. Activation is successful

    No need to connect again when runing other 3dsmax because they share one same client program.