Install TerrainAxe


Operating System:64 bit windows 7~windows 11 

Supported 3dsmax version:64 bit 3ds Max 9 ~2025

  • DON'T COPY the   package into 3dsmax folder  or SYSTEM driver,it should be placed in a safer place.
  • The  folder name  for storing the package don't start with lowercase x ,n,t or r.
  • Don't delete the package after installing TerrainAxe.
  • For 3ds max 9 and 2012,you need install their very own sp2 .
  • Don't place TerrainAxe in a network location.
  • If can't click buttons of TerrainAxe UI,please change the current theme of your windows to the classic theme


  1. Drag and Drop the file into 3ds max window(Or click menu MaxScript->run script to choose the file,which is in the Installation package ).
  2. In the popped UIMan window , click "Install" to complete installation.
  3. Set hotkeys Select"Customize->Customize user interface" command from 3dsmax menu , in the "Keyboard" tab , pick "TheAxeTools" from the "Category ",you will find all commands of TerrainAxe .


If you are a new user of TerrainAxe.You can get a free 15-days license of the Basic Version.

This free license will be created when you first click the activate button in UIMan.


To run TerrainAxe, you need to register an account on our website using your email, which will be used to activate your TerrainAxe. 

The email used for sign-up should be the same email with which you purchased TerrainAxe.

  1. Ensure  "License Type" is set to "Web"  in UIMan
  2. Click "Active" button  in UIMan to pop up the active window, enter the email, password of your  account
  3. Click "Activate" button  to complete activation, close the activation dialog.


  • if you  want to swich  the PC  for running TerrainAxe  and the duration running TerrainAxe  is within 2 hours ,Please Click "Quit" to quit the current TerrainAxe session.
  • Click "Update" will update the initial files to the latest verison.