How to learn TerrainAxe?


Many users are used to learn one by one all tools of a software ,but it is not really a good idea,because even though you can manipulate all tools,but you will be puzzled, you don't still know when and how and where to use them ,and don't know why the tools exist.

As we know, terrain landscape modeling is a very hard work,it is not like surface modeling which can use few control points to control complex modeling,and not like building modeling which can be freely pick a part of entire model to modify ,because it is generally regular .Terrain landscape modeling need often disruptive modification on terrain.For example,you are going to make roads on terrain,where are you begin?Use boolean and comform deform object as before? Another example,if your modeling has been completed ,but you need to hack a clearing from terrain to place a building by the side of the road ,which tool will you first call in mind? Some users generate curb,sideway and stone paving ,but roads are still flat,how to do after ajusting level difference of roads? how to do in next connecting work to terrain?


So ,it is impossible to modeling for terrain landscape as modeling for other type of scense,we need a new completely different idea to guide us to find an efficent workflow,which can avoid plenty of unusful jobs.The peculiarity of terrain landscape modeling decide there is only one workable thread,which has been write in the article MAIN THREAD OF MODELING TERRAIN LANDSCAPE .It is a very important arcticle. It is very necessary to read the arcticle before learn TerrainAxe. The thread is the most direct and efficient we can find,because of which every tool exist.Follow the thread to search tools you desired and understand them,thus you can freely use TerrainAxe .


Why use a software like Civil3D to modeling terrain landscape?Maybe somebody ask.It is really a powerful software,but first of all,this type of automate software need complete data ,but the data we can have is generally insufficent;Also we have many individuation requirements,which can be solved by ajust data or parameters.Only preparing  many individe tools  to  let users freely combinate them can   meet our defferent requirements,this is also the time to show the power of TerrainAxe.

Hope everyone who is interested in TerrainAxe can realize earlier the value of the software.

A tutorial and its 3dsmax file were also provided,Basic Tutorial---Make Roads Through Terrain.