Tools used to create objects for scene,such as roadlines,advArray


AutoCAD style User customized space(UCS) tool,you can use the tool to built any work space you want .


The functionalities from left to right are:
3P UCS,pick 3 points ,the first as origin ,the second with the first as Y axis,the third with the first as Z axis;
2P UCS,pick 2 points to create a plane as XY plane of new UCS,which is through the two points and perpendicular the XY plane of world space.
Face UCS,click on a face of a geometry ,the face plane will be as XY plane of new UCS.
UCS from world, move the origin of the world space to picked point to create a new UCS.
Move UCS,move the origin of current UCS to a new picked point.
Back to previous UCS.
Return to World space.
Use ZX plane of world space as XY plane of new UCS.
Use ZY plane of world space as XY plane of new UCS.
Use Z coordinate of picked point as orign of world space.
Change current view to top view of UCS.
OBJ,use the pivot of select object as UCS.


Advanced Array tool,which can clone objects in EQUAL distances from each other.


pick ObjectPick object used to clone,whose children will be also cloned if has.
PickSectionPick section splineShape used to sweep along path.
Spcingthe distance between neighbour cloned objects.
SharpAglSharp angle.If encounter sharp corner small than the angle in the path , the array will be begin again.
ForwardDistance from the first cloned object to starting point of the path.
BackwardDistance form the last cloned object to ending point of the path.
OffsetDistance the cloned object offset form the path.


RevPath Clone in reverse direction of path.
CalBaseCan be ignore.
SkewWhen path rise and fall,the cloned objects will be skewed.
SkewChildspecify whether the children will be skewed.
Corner AgainWhether cloning begin again at sharp corner specified by [SharpAgl]
SweepRailWhether sweep rail with picked section splineshape.
BlackWireWhether cloned objects with blace wirecolor.
ArrayExecute Array.
ResampleResample from path and create a new spline.
LinarCopyArray along broken line
Bypickwhether use cursor to draw the path.
EvenSpaceUse approximate spacing clone objects,avoid blank appear.
CollapseCollapse cloned objects to one object.
ShellAdd a shell modifier for cloned object

The change of pivot when cloning|Seamless array|Affect of Skew Option