Big amount of curbstone creating tool.Actually,it can loft any shape of cross-section,which extrude a cross-section along underlying paths in a way similar to loft or sweep modifier, but can always keep the cross-section up-right and level without twisting.The underlying paths can be continuous edges,splines or NURBS curves, the procedure can auto select the right side of edge to sweep.
There are three situation for different cross-section.






Curb Used to create curbstone,the cross-section is an open rectangle ,you also can create curbstone with side-way,grass ground,or offset a path to create a polygon strip.
StairClone a step Repeatedly as cross-section ,sweep along a path to create stair.
CustomUse yourself pre-made cross-section to sweep ,you can draw any spline for your cross-section and store it for reusing later ,the procedure can also multiplly clone cross-section to form a new cross-section.