Setup License Server for TerrainAxe

License Server for TerrainAxe is a program running in host PC ,with which you can run TerrainAxe on multiple PCs in a same local network.The number of PCs that can run TerrainAxe is the number of licenses.Once you start License Server you can active TerrainAxe on client PC.



  1. Choose one PC in your local network as host PC to install License Server;

  2. Extract “TerrainAxeServer.rar” into a folder.

  3. Open the folder ,Click TerrainAxeServer.exe to run ,the UI is shown as below.



For running TerrainAxe on clicent PC,you need to active the license server.

The activiation procedure for web license and web trial license are same except web trial license doesn't need purchased Product Code,so you can use the license server with web trial license to run TerrainAxe Basic version.

  1. Click the arrow button of list box next to "Active TerrainAxe" button,you will see a list which contains 3 activation types for Licenese Server:Hardware license,Web license,Web trial license.Here only introduce last two types.

  2. Choose "Web license" and Click "Active TerrainAxe" button to pop activation dialog.

  3. Enter you email address,password used to login the website and your received product code when you purchase.

  4. Complete fields and click "Active".If activation is completed without errors ,"License File was writed successfully" will be shown in Clients Listener in main window.

  5. Close the activation dialog and an user list will shown in Client List,All items are shown as “Waitting”,which indicate that the program is waitting for clicents to connect.The list in the pic contain 30 items which indicate 30 PCs can run TerrainAxe.




  1. Keep TerrainAxe Server running.

  2. Open 3dsmax and run UIMan,select "License Server" from "License Type" listBox

  3. Click install button,TerrainAxeClient.exe will start together.

  4. Enter IP address of Host PC to "Server IP" text editor,such as ""

  5. Click "Connect" connet to Host PC, you can know if connecting is successful from the message printed in the window of the program.At same time the PC's IP and host name will appear in list box on host if successful.

  6. Back to 3dsmax,click "install" in UIMan, Activation will be completed. No need to connect again when runing other 3dsmax because they share one same client program.

Download License Server for TerrainAxe