UV Paver

Easy and powerful tools for set map vertices with coordinates for BIG AMOUNT of polygon strips , which CAN pass through more than four-ways polygons,and whose behavior just like paving map vertices for road,so we call this process as Pave UV.

PaveUV :

the extension version of RingMap, mainly used to pave UV for road-like model,powerful and quickly .You just need to select polygon strips or ring edges (which mean the edges are parallel to each other)to select road,then press a key to complete Paving UV.

Pave UV


The tool is one-key operating.If polygon strip turn sharply,texture will distort even be teared,such as texture at corner of curb,which is not result wanted.PaveNoTear split map vertices at cross-section to keep texture display normaly to eliminate the distort.

Pave No Tear


The map vertices UV of wall polygon strips is different from previous UV pavings ,wall texture should keep texture level ,such as brick texture.PaveWall was designed for this situation and work in a manner similar with PaveUV.

Pave Wall