Ring UVMap tools

Original,Ring UVMap tools is simply for curve road UV mapping,and then their applications extends to curb,flower terrace and wall etc.The common features of this kind of model is that ,a path and a section can be found through their topology,and the same model can be re-create with loft compound object or sweep modifier.

the path and the section of a curve road

the path and section of a curb

There are some requirements for models applied ring UVMap tools,the details as below:
1.Section construct line muse be full ,or UV mapping will stop;

Broken section construct line

Right topology

2.For RingMap8.5,source model must be quad faces connected by parallel edges,every face must be quad.
3.For PaveUV and PaveWall,source model is simply polygons connected by parallel edges is OK,sides number of every face can more than four,but can't be less than four;
4.PaveNoTear:The shape of section can be arbitrary ,this is not like previous tools which section is simply a line .Also,the tool can pass through non-quad polygon.


The UI is used to ajust UV data for UVPave,PaveNoTear,PaveWall.You can also get UV data from selected faces to change width of UV ,move or rotate map verties



Boosted version of RingMap,which can pass through the polyon more than 4 sides,and get directly ring edges from edge or face selection without storing anything.It's a one key tool and can be used to do big amount UV mapping job.
Tip:If select one vertex at one end of road before apply "PaveUV", the vertex will be as the origin of UV coordinate.

Options for PaveUV

Full Fill the texture along the secion,set U coordinate on one side to 0,another side to 1.
BySideAlign the textrue to one side of road,that is,set U coordinate on the side to 0.If you have already select one end vertex,the texture will align the the side the vertex belong .

No checking any option



AddGet UV information from other side of start edge,and extend its UV coordinates;
FlipFlip U coordinate;
VRingDefault,the V coordinates increase along the path.If check,the direction will be change to U;
SlopeBe applied to slope ,the texture will pave along the bottom side.
BackMake V coordinate(or U if check "VRing") decrease along the path of road.


Add with Back

Pave UV


The tool is used to fix the problem of distorted texture .The vertices will tear the texture on modle because of curve along the path.You may be have noticed the model created by loft or sweep.Generally,the distortion can be ignored,but can't when sharp corners do exist.

Before apply PaveNoTear

After Apply PaveNoTear

Before apply PaveNoTear,you need to specify a range of loop edges along the path to make the program know where UV Mapping should begin. If the section of model is not closed,the tool itself can find the begin edges;but if closed, you need to manually specify them.

Pave No Tear


The map vertices UV of wall polygon strips is different from previous UV pavings ,wall texture should keep texture level ,such as brick texture.PaveWall was designed for this situation and work in a manner similar with PaveUV.

Pave Wall