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PlaceMesh and PolyStitch:Connect the terrain and landscapes in 3dsmax

Introduce how to connect terrain and landscapes like roads,water surface with TerrainAxe in 3dsmax

Weld Vertices To Edges in 3dsmax?

In 3dsmax,we can only weld vertices together ,or weld two edges together,but how to weld a vertex to an edge?or weld vertices to edges? This vedio will show how to solve the problem with TerrainAxe.

Different kinds of new cut tools in TerrainAxe for polygon retopology in 3dmax

In order to quickly retopologize a polygon(like a road net),the default cut tool of 3ds max is far from enough. In this video ,we use various and rich cut tools of TerrainAxe to cut a road net , or a ground surface

Smooth Roads:Make roads has a natural and smooth appearance in 3dsmax

Show how to use Smooth Road tools to make the appearance of roads get smoother and more natrual

FreeSteps:Freely place steps on the terrain in 3dsmax

Freely create steps on the terrain

UVPavers:UV Map( or Texture ) a large number of curve roads in 3dsmax Using an easy way to complete complex texturing job for curve roads Use RingMap and RoadPaver to map curve surface ,such as roads. RoadPave is designed for big amount of curve road uv mappings PaveCourts can texture a large number of rectangle plane uv mappings at one time, such as basketball court, tennis court, football field, etc

AdvArray:Place a large number of railings on landscape AdvArray was designed for placing a large number of railings on terrain, it complete the hard task by cloning objects along a path. To make it more easily to use and more quickly , the path can be a spline ,or get from continuous edges (or egdes arraying in ring mode) of a polygon object ,or be created by snapping points. AdvArray also has a big feature,real equidistance,which means the distance between any two adjacent cloned objects is always the same,not the length of the path between the two objects.

Round Verts:Fillet the polygon in 3dsmax Fillet the polygon like in AutoCAD Get an arc apperance , optimize polygon topology by decreasing or increasing the number of vertices .