weld vertices to edges?Yes,Easy to join polygons together,eliminate the seams difficult to observe.






Weld1VtToEgWeld one vertex to one selected edge.
Weld2VtsToEgWeld two vertices to selected edge.

By default,above two welding tools will weld selected vertices perpendicularly to selected Edge.

SuperWeldWeld a part of continuous vertices to selected border.
Weld_Vts&EgsSelect multi vertices ,the tool will search the nearest edge (if within distance threshold) for each vertex and weld them together.
weld_XSelect two edges and one vertex of one of the edges,the vertex will be weld to the intersection of two edges.

Control the behaviour of welding

Run [AxeSetting] in Manager Category ,[AxeToolSetting] Dialog will appear,as shown in the below pic.The options in [WeldtoEdge] Group will control how the vertex is welded to selected edge(s)

  1. [ToTarget]: if checked, the welding of [Weld1VtToEg] and [Weld2VtsToEg] will happen on selected edge ,or at selected vertices;
  2. [Weld]:If unchecked ,no welding happen, [Weld2VtsToEg] and [SuperWeld] will create a polygon or multiple polygons between selected vertices and selected edges;
  3. [KeepTopolgy]:If checked, [SuperWeld] will extend topology lines from old polyons occupied by selected vertices to new created polygons.
  4. [WeldThres]:Welding threshold for [Weld_Vts&Egs].If welding fail or gaps still exist,try to increase the value.