1. AutoCAD Import

  2. Specify the directory and filename for DwgImport,Click long button to specify a dwg file in openning explorer window ,which filename will be shown in blow text box,you can also enter manually a filename.
    Then every time you excute DwgImport,which will import the same name file from the location without popping a dialog.
    DwgName The filename of the file imported by DwgImport .
    Used to test importing,A AutoCAD Dwg/Dxf import options dialog will be popped, make some setting for your next dwg file importing.

  3. SmoothRoad

    Affect the behavior of SmoothRoad tools.

    FlatOther If checked,SmoothRoad will mapping the height of every vertex to the other side of road,or only smooth one side.

  4. WeldToEdge

  5. Control the behavior of Weld Verts to Edges tools.
    ToTargetIf checked, the welding of [Weld1VtToEg] and [Weld2VtsToEg] will happen on selected edge ,or at selected vertices;
    WeldIf unchecked ,no welding happen,Weld2VtsToEg and SuperWeld will create a polygon or multiple polygons between selected vertices and selected edges;
    Keep TopologyIf checked, SuperWeld will extend topology lines from old polyons occupied by selected vertices to new created polygons.
    Weld ThresWelding threshold for Weld_Vts&Egs.If welding fail or gaps still exist,try to increase the value.

  6. PolyToStair

  7. Control the behavior of FacesToStair
    StairWidSpecify the width of a step.
    StairHiSpecify the length of a step.
    WeldIf checked,the created stairs will be welded to terrain .
    CreateCurbIf checked,curb for stairs will be created.

  8. AutoFillet

  9. Control the behavior of SmoothRoad(Rad)

    Radius The initial radius of round corner.
    TanToEdgeMake Arc for round corner tangent to adjacent edges.

  10. PickPoint

  11. Control the behavior of FreePolyand ShapeEdge.
    SnapActive snap mode when pick points.
    PlaneMode Used keep all picked points within one XY plane.

  12. Material and UV

  13. Set options and parameters relating to Material and UV operating,such as FreePoly, UVPaver.
    GrayMatSpecify the material for new created object by TerrainAxe,such as curb generated by SweepEdge;
    NewFaceIDSecpify the ID for new created polyon,such as FreePoly
    U WidthReal demension in world space ocuppied by on unit in U direction in UVW space.
    V WidthReal demension in world space ocuppied by on unit in U direction in UVW space.
    Map ChannelSpecify which channle UV tools will operate on.

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Big amount of curbstone creating tool.Actually,it can loft any shape of cross-section,which extrude a cross-section along underlying paths in a way similar to loft or sweep modifier, but can always keep the cross-section up-right and level without twisting. (more…)

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Free Stairs


Quickly create stairs for landscape,whose work way is very simple and free,you can just snap 2 or 4 points to easily create a stair,or turn selected quad polygons to stairs with preference settings . (more…)

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Splines interlaced with each other will form many closed areas,the process extracting these closed areas as poly faces is called PiecePoly.
The powerful tools is a great resolution to create seamless joined polygons, operating is also very simple. (more…)

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UV Paver


Easy and powerful tools for set map vertices with coordinates for BIG AMOUNT of polygon strips , which CAN pass through more than four-ways polygons,and whose behavior just like paving map vertices for road,so we call this process as Pave UV. (more…)

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Weld Vertex to Edge


weld vertices to edges?Yes,Easy to join polygons together,eliminate the seams difficult to observe. (more…)

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Smooth Road


Make road have a smooth transition from one elevation to anther elevation ,at same time keep road cross-section up-right without tilt . TerrainAxe give you several methods to control how to smooth your road. (more…)

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RoundVerts tools not only round vertices ,but also optimize poly object by decreasing or increasing the number of vertices .Usually ,road net is turned from spline shape, the number of vertices in corners maybe insufficient or too many, (more…)

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Easy to use and quickly cutting tools,help you rapidly construct the topology for your model.








CutPerToEdgeCut from each of selected vertices perpendicularly to the selected Edge. (more…)

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Poly Select


Small,easy and efficient selection tools ,quickly select vertices ,edges or polygons.











Select the part of border between two selected verts,if run again,which will select another part of border. (more…)

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